Suriname: President Santokhi: “The better times will come”

President Chan Santokhi in his Holi message calls on society to abandon all differences that may exist between individuals and groups, and to look for the similarities that bring us closer together, in order to grow into a real nation, to ‘Nation Building’. In his speech he asked the people to be patient. “The better times will come.”

Holi, according to the head of state, marks a new beginning and the renewal of nature. President Santokhi continues in his message: “On the day of Holi, our society is used to celebrate this day with laughter, singing, dancing and sprinkling each other with colored powder. With this colored powder it is symbolically expressed that everyone has different colors and yet is the same. So today we symbolize that ‘Bromtji Dyari’. And by sprinkling each other with colored powder, it also symbolizes that everyone has different modes and yet is accepted. ”

The Holi celebration is not only symbolic of unity and equality, but also of victory. Holi is a triumph of good over evil, from adversity to prosperity, from sorrow to joy. Holi brings people together, says the president.


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