Suriname: Activist Piqué: Worst Government Ever; time for a business cabinet

Activist Sibrano Piqué believes the time for peaceful demonstrations is over. Piqué announces on his Facebook page that he will take to the streets on April 7 to protest against the policies of the Santokhi government. Piqué says the Santokhi government is the worst government ever in Surinamese history. It is now time for a business cabinet, Piqué writes on Facebook.

“Enough is enough. Government: I / we can no longer watch this country go down. Fair is fair. Somewhere deep inside, despite not being a fan of Chan, I had hoped for better governance somewhere. Better policy, nothing could be further from the truth. Government: you cannot do the work alone. It’s more of a family and friends affair. ”

Business cabinet
Piqué now thinks it is time for a business cabinet. “We give up our confidence in the worst government ever in Surinamese history. No time for petitions, no more room for dialogue, no time for new agreements, ”says the activist.


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