NYC: ‘Soho Karen’ interrupts judge to say she doesn’t want to be jailed

“Soho Karen” Miya Ponsetto cut a judge off during a hearing Monday to tell him she didn’t want to go to jail.

The 22-year-old — who earned the “Karen” label after falsely accusing a black teen of stealing her cell phone — appeared by video for a brief Manhattan criminal court hearing where a judge was discussing her speedy-trial rights with her lawyer.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Jonathan Svetkey asked defense attorney Paul D’Emilia if Ponsetto wants to “waive time” — a legal term that refers to stopping the “speedy trial clock” from running — to which D’Emilia said he did not.

“Alight, so …” Svetkey said before Ponsetto interrupted.

“Waiving time? I would not like to spend time in jail,” said Ponsetto, who is out on supervised release over the incident.


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