Jamaica: Church restates support of Jamaica’s COVID-19 measures

The Jamaica Council of Churches (JCC) is reiterating its continued support of the efforts and measures of the Government in battling the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We understand and recognise the powers conferred on the prime minister under the Disaster Risk Management Act that allows for effective management of such situations,” said JCC President, the Reverend Newton Dixon in a statement on the weekend.

The statement and reaffirmation comes just days after pastor Peter Chambers, was arrested after he went on a verbal rant against Prime Minister Andrew Holness over his handling of the COVID crisis. Chambers, who was arrested amid allegations that he threatened Holness during his tirade, appeared particularly peeved that among the measures announced by Holness to help curb the spread of the coronavirus on the island was a curtailment of worship activities. Chambers even accused some church leaders of selling out to the government.

Dixon appeared to distance his organisation from Chambers without naming him.

“Even before the first case (of COVID-19) arrived on Jamaica’s shores on March 10, 2020, member bodies of the Council placed their constituents on alert and urged vigilance. In the light of this the JCC has been generally supportive,” said Dixon while stating that the communication from the government could be better.


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