Cuba: Cubans stage caravan to protest U.S. trade embargo, sanctions

HAVANA (Reuters) – Hundreds of Cubans took to Havana’s famous seaside drive on Sunday in a colorful caravan of cars, motorcycles and bicycles to demand the United States lift its 60-year-old embargo on the Caribbean island nation.

The caravan was part of a weekend of small protests and caravans in more than 50 cities around the world, including in the United States, supported by local authorities in hopes of influencing the Biden administration to change U.S. policy and to counter a campaign by Cuban exiles to keep the embargo in place.

Horns blared, Cuban flags fluttered and masked protesters yelled “down with the blockade” as they passed the U.S. embassy situated along the drive, known as the Malecon, in vehicles of all sizes and vintages.


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