Trinidad & Tobago: Woman sexually molested during robbery

Police are searching for two suspects in connections with a robbery at Indian Walk Village.

According to police reports, a man and woman were at home around 11.30 pm on March 24 when two men entered the house.

Police were told the men announced a robbery then ransacked the house, taking about $40 and a mobile phone.

One attacker then allegedly assaulted the woman, following which the two men fled.

Police said the suspects are described as follows:

First assailant: A man of African descent, five feet, seven inches tall, dark complexion, slim built, with a low haircut, wearing a black t-shirt and pair of blue jeans, as well as a red bandana covering his mouth and nose.

Second assailant: A man, approximately five feet, 10 inches tall, dark brown complexion and with a braided hairstyle, wearing a white shirt and blue three-quarter pants, and a surgical face mask.


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