Suriname: Winti’s can be released again

The Para Commissariat has already received three requests for a religious gathering under the heading ‘Wintiprei’. After the commissariat has checked ‘de kampu’ where the leek will be kept, it will be decided if permission will be granted.

The number of attendees, including the members who provide the musical accompaniment, has been set at 75. The head of the Citizen Information Center (BIC), Marvin Moesan, tells Suriname Herald that discussions have already taken place with the owners of the cultural places. The police station has registered thirty kampus.

All rituals will be performed in accordance with the applicable COVID measures. The Quick Response Team, a composition of members of the commissariat, the police and the National Army, will also exercise control.

Once the permission has been granted, an amount of SRD 454 must be paid for stamps and fees, administration costs and also for the garbage collection. This money is intended to fill the district coffers in order to be self-sufficient. “We do not want to put any pressure on the Afro-Surinamese by collecting the costs,” emphasizes Moesan.


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