Suriname: Council of Ministers approves child protection sub-council

The proposal to establish a child protection lower council was approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers (RvM). The Minister of Social Affairs and Housing (Sozavo), Uraiqit Ramsaran, already pleaded for the establishment of this lower council at the previous RvM meeting on 17 March.

Ramsaran emphasized that he brought the proposal to establish a child protection lower council to the RvM, following the request he received during the evaluation meeting of the pilot project ‘Integral child protection network’ (IKBen) on March 12 at the Marriott hotel, from the Technical Committee ‘TC-IKBeN’. “I have promised to submit it within the RvM, so I have adhered to it,” said the minister.

The former members of the TC-IKBeN further emphasized the importance of such a lower council during a presentation to the RvM. The Child Protection Board will have to develop, implement, monitor, evaluate and adjust policy in order to give substance to the provisions of Article 19 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, namely:
– that all appropriate legal and administrative measures are taken on social and educational area to protect the child against all forms of violence.
– developing effective procedures for the implementation of social programs to provide the necessary support for the child and those caring for the child.


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