Suriname: Men stealing tiles captured on camera

The police of the Uitvlugt office arrested SS (28), SR alias ‘Gio’ (19) and ST (17) on Sunday 21 March for theft of tiles. CCTV footage shows the men loading goods into a black Toyota Ist.

On Thursday, March 18, the 57-year-old entrepreneur DH reported the theft against strangers at the Flora police station. He told police that an unknown number of boxes of electrical cables, cement and tiles had been taken from him.

The injured party went to his case at the Mr. Jagernath Lachmonstraat. On the way, a black-painted vehicle passing from the direction of his shop passed him. It was remarkable that this vehicle resembled that of the viewed camera images. As he suspected the suspected perpetrators, he called the police and decided to chase the vehicle.

On a side street off Franchepanestraat, the driver stopped the suspected vehicle and got out. Two other males remained in the car while the principal started a conversation with the driver. The entrepreneur confronted him about the theft and at the same time the police arrived on the scene.

Investigation showed that it was the same vehicle of the viewed camera images. The vehicle was searched and twenty packs of tiles were found, which appeared to belong to the declarant. Both the driver and the two co-occupants admitted to being guilty of the theft. The three also confessed that they had taken the goods from the entrepreneur’s premises on 18 March.


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