Jamaica: Campbell sets lawyers on scandal author

Comrade Karen Cross, who wrote a scandalously damaging letter alleging paedophilia by a senior official of the People’s National Party (PNP), is refusing to say whether she has made a report to the police or will withdraw the comments.

That stance comes as lawyers representing Dr Dayton Campbell, the party’s general secretary, wrote to Cross on Wednesday, giving her until Friday to retract and apologise for the alleged defamatory statements, which have been circulating on social media.

“Our client denies all the allegations set out in the said letter and in particular any allegation that he has committed any criminal offence or is involved in any unethical or immoral conduct,” read a letter from the law firm Henlin Gibson Henlin insisting that Cross knew the claims were “false” but pursued them anyway “for the sole purpose of disparaging him”.

The firm said the claims in the March 16 letter are “damaging” to Campbell’s professional and business reputation” of the “well-respected” former member of parliament for St Ann North Western.


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