Dove is paying for other brands to put more diverse faces in their ads

What does it take to get a more diverse group of faces in advertising? Dove is aiming to find out with a new campaign that offers up its own models to appear in other brands’ commercials for free, in order to encourage them to consider new looks.

In “It’s On Us,” Dove sends an open invitation to any brand and advertiser in the world, offering to pay for Dove models’ appearance fee if they’re put in other ads. The models talk about how they’re often received at auditions and the feedback they get: Too dark. Too short. Too thick. Not a good fit.

Created by Madrid-based agency LOLA MullenLowe, this is a natural evolution of 2019’s “Project #ShowUs,” where Dove partnered with Getty Images to create more than 10,000 diverse stock photos to share with other brands. Since then, more than 2,000 companies have downloaded those images to use. This is the brand aiming to take the idea even further, using cold hard cash to shake brands out of a default approach to advertising that often favors thin, white, heterogenous models.


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