Trinidad & Tobago: Forced to kneel, chopped to death

Masked men demanding cash and drugs chopped to death a Point Fortin man on Tuesday morning.

Martin Pattan, 34, was dragged out of his bed and forced to kneel in the livingroom as he was brutally chopped about the body, police said.

His teenage girlfriend and four-year-old son were locked inside a bedroom, guarded by a man armed with a cutlass.

The incident occurred at Walker Street, Egypt Village, at around 3.30am.

Police said Pattan, a scrap iron dealer, was asleep with his girlfriend when he heard noises inside the house.

His four-year-old son from a previous relationship was asleep in the same bedroom.

Police said Pattan opened the door and was ambushed by four men wearing masks. The men were armed with cutlasses and demanded cash and drugs.

A report stated that Pattan was taken to the livingroom where he was forced to kneel on the floor.


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