Suriname: Finance is investigating purchase of aircraft with government funds

The Ministry of Finance is investigating a case in which a Cessna C2006 was allegedly purchased with government funds in 2017. Minister Armand Achaibersing of Finance and Planning reported this investigation during the assembly meeting on Tuesday, after questions about this purchase had been asked from the meeting room.

The minister said that apparently as a result of this investigation, amounts were refunded at two times. One of the amounts is US $ 30,000 which was returned on Tuesday, March 23. The other amount, US $ 150,000, was refunded on Monday, March 15. A total of US $ 443,685 was paid for the six passenger jet from the Treasury account.

“This aircraft is the subject of investigation,” said Minister Achaibersing, who indicated that the Cessna C2006 was purchased in June 2017. He quoted from a letter addressed to Ginmardo Kromosoeto, director of the Surinamese Post Savings Bank (SPSB). Minister Achaibersing: “Regarding: aircraft quotation as discussed with President His Excellency DD Bouterse.”


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