Bahamas: World Central Kitchen announces grants up to $20K for food producers on GB and Abaco

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — World Central Kitchen (WCK) yesterday announced its latest opportunity for farmers, fishers and food businesses on Grand Bahama and Abaco to apply for grants with the nonprofit organization.

Through its Food Producer Network (formerly known as Plow-to-Plate), the organization offers direct financial support to local food producers to support the revitalization and regeneration of the production, distribution and sale of locally-sourced foods, with the goal of lowering the high rate of food imports in The Bahamas.

In addition to funding, WCK also provides business and technical training opportunities, networking and access to human capital through WCK’s volunteer and agritourism program.

WCK aims to strengthen food systems across the Caribbean and to decrease the region’s long-standing dependence on food imports. Applicants have the opportunity to qualify for a grant of up to $20,000 to grow their businesses and their resilience.

Eligible business activities include farming, hydroponics, aquaponics, aquaculture, beekeeping, livestock, commercial fishing, distribution and added-value production of specialty foods such jams, sauces, flours or others.


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