Suriname: Grave digger arrested for sexually assaulting mentally retarded woman

LE (33) was arrested for sexual abuse on Friday 12 March. The 26-year-old woman RV filed a report at the police station against the suspect LE on Tuesday, March 2. According to her statement, she went to a cemetery on Monday, March 1, to place a flower arrangement on the grave of her grandfather. While searching for the grave, she was approached by two gravediggers who then escorted her to the administrative office.

After the settlement at the administrative office, she was further guided by both gravediggers. At one point, the young lady was alone with the gravedigger LE who would give her the clue. At the height of a hill in the cemetery, the man asked her a few intimate questions, then took her hand. LE then opened his pants fly and placed the hand of the reporter on his genitals.

Out of fright, the young lady did not know what to do at the time, so the suspect took advantage of the situation and the young lady touched her breasts and genitals.

Fortunately, his actions were prevented by the employee of the administrative office. The victim saw an opportunity to get away on the occasion, grabbed her bicycle and hurried home. She told her mother what had happened to her and the next day she reported it to the police.


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