Suriname: BEP installs new core in Brokopondo; party is being screened

The 33rd core of the Brotherhood and Unity in Politics (BEP) party in Marshall Creek, Brokopondo district, was installed on March 20. This core is led by Sylvia Pomba.

Cores are the smallest units of the party and they have an important voice in nominating candidates for the department boards and the main board, the media team writes. After the installation, Pomba indicated that he was happy with the new core. She will work hard with her board to help the BEP get more votes and seats in the May 2025 elections.

BEP chairman Ronny Asabina congratulated the core chairman and its members and indicated that they have taken a great responsibility on their shoulders. In addition to Pomba, the board consists of seven more members.

Asabina further stated that the party has completed the evaluation of the May 2020 elections. A committee led by Salomon Emanuels is currently investigating the party. Shortly, further announcements about this will be made to society.


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