How we cut our number of meetings in half—and got more done

We’ve heard it countless times during the pandemic: “I’m a Zoom-zombie.” These days—without a limit on conference room availability—it’s far too easy to pop into a meeting with the click of a calendar invite, squished in between other 15-minute blocks of calls. We felt this, too. 

When the pandemic hit last spring, we were inundated with WFH guides, tips, and tricks for remote collaboration and communication. While most of these hacks hinged on transporting the physical office online, they skated over the opportunity to re-think working culture. 

In April 2020, the average Ministry of Supply team member had 31.5 meetings per week. One year later, we cut that number almost in half to 17.6.

Our range of operations spans verticals: marketing, supply chain, photography, product development, and more. We’re a mixed bag of makers and managers—and we were obsessed with productivity and efficient collaboration long before the pandemic, constantly experimenting with and evolving our work styles to grow and innovate. 


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