Dominican Republic: FJT proposes a Consultative Referendum Law to decide on abortion

The Justice and Transparency Foundation (FJT) deposited yesterday in the Chamber of Deputies a proposal for a draft bill for a Consultative Referendum that would allow the Dominican Republic to decide whether or not the three grounds for abortion are appropriate, per Article 210 of the Constitution.

The president of the FJT, Trajano Vidal Potentini, addressed his bill to the president of the lower house, Alfredo Pacheco. He took the initiative personally to have it assumed by a legislator and to be converted into law.

His interest is that the citizens are consulted to determine whether or not to terminate a pregnancy for the three causes currently being debated and separate the different sectors. It describes the three grounds “when the life of the pregnant woman is in danger when malformation of the embryo and incompatibility with life is clinically proven, and for rape or incest.”

Its objective is to settle the differences that have kept feminists and religious people at odds for decades and that for more than 20 years have held back the reform of the Penal Code.

Potentini considered it urgent to resort to the democratic instrument that is the referendum for widespread consultation as established in Article 210 of the Dominican Constitution, which, in his opinion, is the only way to bridge the differences and provide the country with modern penal legislation that considers the penal and exceptional modalities of abortion.


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