Bahamas: COLORBLIND: COP says he neither takes instructions from politicians nor sees political colors

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said he does not see political colors nor does he take instructions from politicians.

He was responding to questions surrounding the detainment of Democratic National Alliance (DNA) Leader Arinthia Komolafe and at least eight other DNA members, including DNA Chairman Omar Smith, over a March 3 demonstration in front of Parliament.

“The commissioner of police answers to the Constitution of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas,” Rolle said at Police Headquarters.

“I do not take instructions from politicians.”

The DNA leader and other senior members were called to the Central Police Station, where they were detained for more than five hours as supporters and other political figures showed up outside in support and for their release.

Yesterday, Rolle said the party did not obtain a permit to hold its demonstration three weeks ago.

He said when the planned event was brought to his attention, he advised an officer to ask the demonstrators to disperse, noting that the police force will deal with the matter later.


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