Suriname: Anaconda swallows coconut

The large anaconda Quetzquatl from Paramaribo Zoo has been released from a coconut. The coconut, which was swallowed by the anaconda, was surgically removed yesterday at Dr. Leontien Bansse-Issa’s veterinary clinic. The zoo has published a report of this whole event on its Facebook page, so that people could follow the process.

A T-shirt was also raffled for guessing the correct object that the anaconda had swallowed. Various answers were given. From turtles to plastic buckets, from footballs to fishing nets, from whole chickens to armadillos.

The zoo management couldn’t figure out what had been in the belly of the big anaconda for months. Then it was agreed with the veterinarian’s veterinary clinic that the hose had to be ‘opened’. Yesterday, head of animal care Teatske and animal keeper Zaheer together transferred the snake to a sturdy wooden box and transported it to the vet.


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