Jamaica: Jamaican boys who do well in school seen as girly, says Terrelonge

The closure of schools and the delivery of education online is affecting boys in Jamaica more than their female counterparts, because boys who stay in the home are seen as behaving like girls.

This is the view of Minister of State in the Ministry of Culture, Gender and Entertainment and Sport Alando Terrelonge, who says traditional views of gender roles are contributing to the underachievement of boys in education.

The state minister says boys who focus on their education, speak proper English and perform well in school are said to be behaving like girls. This “gyallification” of education is affecting boys in a negative way, he said.

“As it relates to boys we are seeing this massive shock throughout our communities. As a Member of Parliament when I’m in the communities I see all boys on the road… while the girls they must stay in the house and help out mommy… This creates a challenge for our boys, moreso now that education has been moved from the school to the home. The underperformance of our boys and education is largely because of the social structure in which our boys find themselves,” Terrelonge said.


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