Haiti: EDH Leader Sheds Light On 24/7 Electricity Program Underway In Haiti

Michel Présumé, general director of Electricity of Haiti (EDH), leaned forward in his seat over Zoom, slightly raised his voice and started talking faster. It’s as though he could hardly wait to get to the last part of his sentence.

“There are places, since [Haiti’s] independence, that never saw electricity like Carice in the Northwest — never,” said Présumé, during an exclusive interview from an office inside EDH headquarters in Port-au-Prince earlier this month. “We’re building an electrical network there now.”

Présumé’s excitement and impatience mirror that of Haitians who can hardly wait to see Haiti fully illuminated with around-the-clock electricity. In February, residents in Saint-Raphaël, a rural commune in the Northern Department, shared a similar impatience when they unloaded electric poles from a truck in the middle of the night, instead of waiting for authorities to do it. In Corail, a commune in the Grand’Anse Department, residents transported electric poles by boat to the Cayemite Islands, which is among the 41 areas that have never had electricity.

The activity underscores the Jovenel Moïse administration’s efforts to provide electricity 24/7 in the entire country — albeit slowly. EDH started the project titled “Operasyon Relimen,” Creole for “Operation Relight,” in July 2020.


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