Dominican Republic: Corruption: Dominican Republic targets more ex Gov. officials

Santo Domingo.- A group of former officials and leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) are in the sights of the Attorney General’s Office, where they are investigated for their actions in government or for their ballooned financial  statements.

They are the former ministers of Education Carlos Amarante Baret, and of Finance, Donald Guerrero; the former directors of the Transport Reordering Office (Opret), Diandino Peña; of Public Procurement and Contracting, Yokasta Guzmán; from the Social Plan, Iris Guaba, and Francisco Pagán, of the State Works Supervising Engineers Office (Oisoe).

They are joined by the former administrator of the Reservas Bank, Simón Lizardo; the deputy Radhamés Camacho; the former president of the Chamber of Deputies, Lucía Medina, and the assistant to former president Danilo Medina, Robert de la Cruz.


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