Bahamas: DNA leader and 10 others detained for questioning over March 3 demonstration

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Scores of Democratic National Alliance (DNA) supporters gathered outside of the Central Police Station downtown for hours today after DNA Leader Arinthia Komolafe, and 10 other members, including party officials, were detained this morning.

The DNA held a demonstration in front of Parliament three weeks ago, on March 3.

According to DNA Vice Chairman Derek Smith, party officials were notified to report to the police station concerning the demonstration.

When the senior members and leader presented themselves at the police station, they were detained, Smith claimed.

He said he believes the arrest for reportedly unlawfully assembling was political in nature, though there was no evidence to support this.

“We are being targeted,” Smith said outside the station, flanked by over a dozen DNA members.

“What is so unfair about this is we have actually asked for permission to have a motorcade and then we were denied. And then one or two days later, in fact, the very day we were denied, we saw the PLP (Progressive Liberal Party) having a motorcade down in the southern Bahamas.


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