Suriname: When is the president going to reshuffle ministers and / or install a business cabinet?

In my previous article “ Why is everything going wrong with this government? “I tried to explain why the Surinamese people are so dissatisfied with the current government, what is going on in the country and how things should be better. Unfortunately, I was not thanked for this and I was put down by the VHP in a grudging way. However, this does not prevent me from continuing to give my vision in the interest of a better Suriname.

Before the elections Chan Santokhi said: “We are going to save the country and get Suriname out of the crisis within 200 days” and now after 200 days VHP has only realized a few things that mainly benefit East Suriname. We all know why. The real important things like lowering and stabilizing the exchange rate, attracting foreign investors, creating employment in the export-oriented manufacturing sector, leaning the government apparatus, lowering prices, educating young people in innovation and oil & gas, reduction of crime, etc. unfortunately don’t seem to work.

This is mainly due to the innovativeness, creativity, integrity and visionary decisiveness of the president and the team of ministers. Virtually all major ministers have so far underperformed. Isn’t it time to reshuffle these ministers, or will they wait until 2025 until the damage is much greater?


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