Suriname: Asabina: “Government must create better facilities and amenities for top athletes”

DNA member Ronny Asabina, also chairman of the political party Brotherhood and Unity in Politics (BEP), believes that the government should treat top athletes differently. Top athletes who have put Suriname on the world map should be cherished. The Surinamese government must do everything it can to create a climate for these athletes that they can and may continue to practice the sport without any significant problems.

According to Asabina, turning a top athlete into a policy advisor is not yet a solution for this person. He believes that the line should be extended to all top athletes. “They must be enabled to have a dignified existence. To function at that level, you must be able to take in the necessary nutrients. The income of a policy adviser is only intended to pay for his stay and that is not enough, ”says Asabina in conversation with Suriname Herald.

The facilities to function at top sport level are not available and they must be created for all top athletes, he continues. The government must look at the entire chain and the aspect of maintenance of the top athletes. Top athlete Miquel van Assen has recently expressed his concern about his situation via social media. A solution has now been provided for him, but it should not stop with this athlete, says the representative.


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