NYC: NYC tenant who allegedly owes thousands to landlord says she’s no deadbeat

A Brooklyn tenant who was accused of forcing her landlord to live in her car by milking emergency COVID-19 rent rules insisted that she is no deadbeat.

“I know I owe her something. I’m willing to pay her,” Sharita Patterson, 33, told The Post on Wednesday.

Shawna Eccles, 30, the landlord of the humble Brooklyn home where Patterson lives, claims Patterson hasn’t paid her $20,000 in combined back rent and interest — and that she has had to live in her car.

Patterson, however, says that any money trouble between the pair is just a big misunderstanding.

“This is her place. It’s not like I want to live there for free, but she is not communicating with me,” Patterson said.

Patterson also shot down Eccles’ claims of homelessness.

“She is not homeless. She still lives in the house,” Patterson said of Eccles. “She uses the back entrance, and her other family members use the front door — the same door that I use.”


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