Jamaica: Family, friends mourn videographer killed in ‘road rage attack’

The police are investigating a suspected ‘road rage’ homicide that occurred in St Andrew on Tuesday that claimed the life of 49-year-old videographer, Courtney Sutherland. 

Sutherland was reportedly brutally gunned down by another motorist after a car accident involving the two along Washington Boulevard. 

Radio broadcaster and media personality Rodney Campbell, Sutherland’s friend, tweeted: “On this day, I am numb beyond all understanding…my friend, my brother, my colleague…gunned down in what is being called ‘road rage’…I can’t even process this especially knowing exactly how he is and has always been…man dead over car accident? It could’ve been any one of us.” 

Sutherland was one of 10 persons killed on Tuesday in a bloody wave of violence that has gripped the island, pushing the murder tally to 312, an increase of eight per cent when compared with the corresponding period last year. 


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