Bahamas: FED UP: Prison officers demonstrate for 4 hours, demanding “give us our due”

NASSAU, BAHAMAS — Hundreds of prison officers demonstrated for nearly four hours yesterday outside the Bahamas Department of Corrections (BDOCS) and the Ministry of National Security, demanding long-awaited confirmations and promotions.

The group, the majority of whom were dressed in uniform, started their demonstration at the Fox Hill facility, voicing frustration and disappointment in not being given what they say they rightfully deserve.

While hundreds of recruit officers from the 2014 squad, 2016 squad and 2018 squad are still waiting to be confirmed, dozens more are waiting on promotions promised from 2018.

President of the Correctional Officers Staff Association Herve Culmer said: “The men and women of this department deserve what they deserve. We’ve worked hard during COVID-19. The rate of inmates contracting COVID-19 has been very low. The rate of officers contracting COVID has been very low.”

He explained that the many officers still waiting on confirmations remain in limbo.


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