Trinidad & Tobago: Sawh wants 3 months to respond to Medical Board

Dr. Avinash Sawh, who is accused of uttering racial slurs, has asked the Medical Board of Trinidad and Tobago to give him until June to respond to the Board’s last letter to him.

The Council of the Medical Board wrote Sawh on March 4 indicating that it had relaunched its probe into him.

The Council gave Sawh and his attorney Martin George ten days to say if he was the one heard in circulated voice recordings using racial slurs and to respond to related concerns raised by the public.

Asked if his client met Monday’s deadline to respond, George told the Express via WhatsApp yesterday: “We wrote asking them (Council) for three months to respond since it took them almost three months to come back to us with their latest position, where they called upon him to answer to numerous emails, letters, newspaper articles and issues raised by members of the public and various interest groups.”

George said he and his client are awaiting the Board’s reply.

After the audio recording of Sawh’s racist rant was leaked to social media in November, five people, including Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh, wrote the Board complaining about the doctor’s behaviour.

Based on the complaints, the Board launched its first probe and wrote to Sawh asking for a response to the complaints.


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