Suriname: IDB is making US $ 70,000 available for security technical assistance

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has made US $ 70,000 available to the Department of Justice and Police (Juspol) in the form of technical security assistance. Suriname has requested technical assistance in the areas of domestic violence and gender-based violence, transnational crime with a focus on drugs and human trafficking, traffic management, basic police care and community policing, cyber and financial crime.

The Surinamese team, chaired by Mark Karg, presented the priority list to IDB representative Jason Wilks on behalf of Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice and Police. The agreement on the use of this amount was reached on March 15 between the Technical Team IDB Grant Suriname of Juspol and the IDB. The amount has been released under the Regional Grant Program.

Wilks was very pleased with the priority list and pointed out that, according to IDB statistics, Suriname, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago have the highest incidences of domestic violence in the region.

Karg briefly discussed the recent case in which the body of a young woman was found in a bit in Suriname and the serious abuse and threat of a three-year-old girl by her father. This, while in Guyana women have recently been cut to death in individual crimes, while in Trinidad a young court clerk was gruesomely killed after being kidnapped.


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