NYC: Bronx man nabbed for alleged $1.4M COVID-19 fraud — thanks to his dog

The dog was man’s best fiend!

A Bronx man allegedly stole $1.4million in an elaborate COVID-19 identity scam, but was finally sniffed out due to his own four-legged friend, authorities said.  

Elvin German’s brazen fraud was uncovered because he kept using the name of his pooch, Benji, as the answer to a security question on hundreds of bogus online applications for COVID-19 unemployment benefits.

In another red flag, German, 41, allegedly submitted all of the applications using the same IP address.

During a raid on his home, agents found $7,000 in cash, a laptop inside a Louis Vuitton backpack loaded to the unemployment benefits page — and Benji, who was wearing a collar inscribed with his name. 

The luxury-loving fraudster also had a Louis Vuitton wallet and fanny pack, according to prosecutors.


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