Jamaica: Guard slain in credit union robbery

A HawkEye security guard died valiantly while responding to a robbery in progress at the Public Sector Employees Co-operative Credit Union at the Caribbean Estate housing development in Portmore on Tuesday.

An eyewitness said that four gunmen were involved in the robbery. One of them was shot by another HawkEye guard as they escaped.

“It all started when one man came in. He went to the cashier, another one came in right after him, and the one that was talking to the cashier came over and put his gun at a security guard’s neck and disarmed him,” an employee who requested anonymity told The Gleaner.

The duo then let in their cronies. Two of the robbers then leapt over the counter and demanded money.

After emptying cash from a container, the assailants sought for someone to open the safe. But according to the employee, the person who had the keys to the safe was not present.

“They started roughing us up saying we have money, then one turned and asked the guard, ‘Weh the money deh?’, and he told him that the security people took it from 12 o’clock,” the eyewitness said.


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