Dominican Republic: Cattle ranchers report illegal horse slaughter in the East and criminals taking the meat with them

Cattle ranchers of the eastern region of the country made an urgent appeal to the authorities to stop the wave of thefts of cows and horses in this area, where dozens of animals have been dismembered.

They expressed that they are concerned about the police and judicial authorities’ lack of action, despite the frequency of these thefts, which also affect a farm in Central Romana.

The president of the Dominican Association of Landowners and Farmers (ADHA), Julio de Beras, in making his complaint, asked the director of the National Police, Major General, Edward Sánchez González, to have special operations to arrest and bring to justice the rustlers who have the cattle ranchers of the East worried.

He said that Manuel Eusebio Castillo, president of the Nisibón Cattlemen’s Association, Enrique Carlos de Castro, of the Meat Producers Association (Asocarne), and Freddy Florencio, of Monte Plata, have also reported and condemned thefts and slaughter of animals on their farms.

De Beras said that recently the rustlers dismembered several workhorses in the community of Benedicto in La Romana.


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