Suriname: DNA member Plein calls for an integrated approach to child abuse

Assembly member Ivanildo Plein (NPS) believes that child abuse requires an integrated approach. The involvement of various ministries such as Justice and Police, Social Affairs and Housing and Education, Science and Culture, women’s organizations and youth interest groups must also be there. All these groups have to get round the table.

“Let there be a reporting point in every area from the police station where juveniles can go to make a complaint. Information in different languages ​​is also needed here. Let the role models fulfill that role, ”says the representative in conversation with Suriname Herald.

Plein, together with former assembly member Marlon Budike, paid a visit to the mother and the three-year-old child, who was abused by the father. “I am happy that the mother and the baby are doing well. I strongly disapprove of the father’s actions. You don’t do this with a child. A child you have conceived is to love, cherish and raise. A woman is to be loved, ”he notes.

The assembly member is also very happy that the mother and her daughter are doing well. It was painful for me when I saw that video go viral on social media. “I completely disapprove of the father’s actions. This is abuse. I am pleased that the judicial authorities intervened quickly, putting him under lock and key. A few days ago we commemorated International Women’s Day and now violence against a female child, ”he notes.


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