Trinidad & Tobago: Judge alarmed, as man claims Gary Griffith denied him bail

A “TROUBLING” issue has been brought to the attention of the High Court in which Police Commissioner Gary Griffith allegedly delved into the realm of a judicial officer and ordered that no bail be granted to a man who was held in violation of the Public Health Regulations last year.

Griffith allegedly ordered his officers to not facilitate the granting of bail at the police station level to a Beetham man who was arrested last June for gathering in a group exceeding five members.

It was not until two days later and after spending approximately 37 hours in custody that the man, Keston Jackie, was granted bail.

The constitutional claim came up before Justice Frank Seepersad on Monday in which the judge stated the case had set off alarm bells for the court.

The judge said if Jackie’s claims were proven to be true, his case would have the effect of assisting the court in defining the power of police officers, including the commissioner in relation to a person being granted or denied bail at the station level for bailable offences.


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