These apartments offer you health care with your lease

For most Americans, health coverage is tied to their employment. That means millions of people are uninsured or underinsured—especially during a pandemic that has seen 6 million people directly lose their employer-based coverage. What if you could access a healthcare plan through something else, like your housing? For residents who live in a property owned by Comunidad Partners, that’s now an option.

Comunidad Partners is a real estate investment firm that buys apartment communities, renovates them, and manages them. Comunidad is for-profit, but mission-based. It works in tandem with a nonprofit called Veritas Impact Partners, cofounded by Comunidad managing partner Antonio Marquez, to provide services to its tenants. Together, Comunidad and Veritas brought a virtual healthcare program to Comunidad’s residents.

“We’re always focused on health and wellness, but in the wake of COVID-19, the health and wellness that we would do before, which is focused on diabetes testing, we do dental checkups for kids—this is all in-person, human interaction, and we could no longer do that,” says Marquez. “We needed to pivot and find a virtual way to engage with residents to fulfill our mission of health and wellness.”


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