Suriname: Sozavo: ‘Toddler and mother receive guidance’

The Minister of Social Affairs and Housing, Uraiqit Ramsaran, has been amazed and saddened by the video on social media, in which a father threatens his three-year-old daughter with a knife, assaults her and films everything himself. The minister paid a visit to the victim and her mother on 13 March, together with acting head Bruce Sariredjo of the Children’s Rights Office.

Ramsaran is now reassured by seeing for himself that the toddler is in a safe environment. He was very worried about the situation. The acting head of the Children’s Rights Office indicates that the mother and toddler will receive the necessary guidance and support. The mother was informed on Saturday about the route to be taken. The Sozavo minister calls on society not to distribute the images further and to guarantee the privacy of the victim.

Statistics from 2018 show that 86 percent of the youth in the coastal plain has experienced some form of violence and in the interior this is 92 percent. The Ministry of Sozavo, together with all partners, including ministries and UNICEF, will continue to make a strong commitment to tackle violence against children and to protect every victim.


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