Suriname: Police officers are now going to specialize

Police officers will no longer be trained in the old way from now on. They are now going to specialize. Police duties and police work will look different in the coming years. “We go for reform and specialization. The redesign of the Police Academy will involve a specialized force, ”said chief of police Roberto Prade in conversation with Suriname Herald.

Prade notes that they have been working with a specialized unit for a long time, which has been operating for a year and a half. With this, the direction towards specialization within the Police Force of Suriname (KPS) has already been started, but not at the academy.

This unit has issues that could not be resolved. Suspects were also brought in and arrested via this unit. The intention is to start with the specializations from the ground up. So there will be targeted training.

“It will no longer be the case that police officers will sit on a prow to go on surveillance without having any knowledge of surveillance. Surveillance will be a profession in itself. When the police officers are on the street to patrol, they will actually patrol and not just sit in the vehicle and drive around. It must now be a specialized surveillance and they will also have to observe and rely on things ”, the police chief explains.


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