Jamaica: Golding calls on Auditor General to probe vaccine ‘line skipping’

Opposition Leader Mark Golding is calling for the Auditor General to probe reports of breaches in the COVID-19 vaccination rollout programme.

Golding made the call Monday amid concerns over the administering of leftover AstraZeneca vaccines to persons who are not registered for inoculation at this time

“These breaches violate the principles of efficiency, equity and transparency on which the government had promised that the vaccination programme would be based. They also undermine the Government’s stated objectives of, ‘protecting the integrity of the healthcare system and infrastructure for the continuity of essential services, and reducing severe morbidity and mortality associated with COVID-19’,” said Golding in a statement to the media.

He called for the Auditor General to conduct an audit to ascertain if satisfactory procedures have been established by the Government, and to examine the records as to those who have received the vaccine, in order to indicate the nature and extent of the procedural breaches. 

The Opposition Leader also repeated the call for the Government to take a collaborative approach to tackling the COVID-19 Pandemic and the implementation of the National COVID-19 Vaccine Development Plan.


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