Dominican Republic: Neney Cabrera: The country will stop importing US $ 125 million in plastics and will build ecological houses

SANTO DOMINGO.- The Minister of Strategic Projects and Special Programs of the Presidency (Propeep), José Leonel (Neney) Cabrera, revealed this Monday that the Government intends to take advantage of 80% of the solid waste deposited in landfills open pit that operate in the country, among them plastic, to stop importing 125 million dollars a year in raw material for that resource.

Also, he informed that from the collected plastic, it is planned to build ecological houses for vulnerable sectors through the ECO5RD program to put the country, in terms of modern management, use of technologies, and good waste management, at the level of the developed countries.

Interviewed in the program Matinal 5, which Telemicro broadcasts, he added that with the plastic obtained, it can be used for the national industry as raw material to supply the national market and prevent those dollars from leaving the country.

He said that as part of President Luis Abinader’s concern about the serious problem posed by the 356 landfills that operate without control in the municipalities, he promulgated the Solid Waste Law in September last year so that the country has a legal framework that stimulates private investment in this area.

It also revealed that, with that objective, the regulations of the law mentioned above are drawn up so that private investors who refrained from investing in projects of this nature, due to the lack of a legal framework, could make their investments without any fear.


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