Suriname: Criminal investigation into deposited personal data Brunswick

The director of the Central Bureau for Civil Affairs (CBB), Anastatia Kanapé-Pokie, has asked Minister Kenneth Amoksi of Justice and Police to start a criminal investigation into the person who deposited the personal data of Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk on social media. Kanapé-Pokie wants to know through the Cyber ​​Crime department of the police if an employee of the CBB has been involved in this or if someone within the organization has provided assistance.

The director indicates that it is not a document, but a photo of a computer screen. She states that it is only a document if it is provided with a signature and stamp. When asked to the CBB director if it concerns a photo of an original piece, she says: “It looks like something, but it can also be manipulated.”

Although there is no law yet that protects personal data, the Personnel Act specifies how civil servants should behave. Disciplinary sanctions, such as a suspension, can also be imposed. In the worst case, dismissal can follow. Kanapé-Pokie says that it should not happen to any citizen that their personal data is on the street.


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