NYC: New Yorkers party in streets amid first spell of warm weather, COVID reopenings

New Yorkers are breathing a sigh of relief as the Big Apple inches closer toward reopening and COVID-19 vaccinations ramp up nationwide — with revelers dancing in the street and celebrating at their favorite eateries.

As spring-like temperatures set in Thursday, President Biden offered Americans a sunny outlook — every adult will be eligible for the coronavirus vaccine starting May 1 with the goal of allowing small groups to gather again by the Fourth of July.

“I’m looking forward to having that [July 4th] cook-out,” said Mel Chinete, 40, who lives in Manhattan with his wife after emigrating from Ethiopia. “I will be able to hug my friends, my brothers and sisters. I haven’t seen some of them in over a year now.”

Chinete said he was “excited” about Biden’s announcement, which also stressed the need to get vaccinated and continue wearing masks.

“But I’m also cautious,” he added. “We should start to relax a little now but still listen to the scientists.”


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