Suriname: “A general or kidney check-up once a year”

“Let’s all pay attention to our diet: don’t use too much salt. Let’s drink enough. And check your kidneys or do a general check-up once a year. I think we will have fewer dialysis patients then, if we have that under control, ”says Aivara Pinas, dialysis nurse at the dialysis center Diapura, in the context of World Kidney Day on 11 March.

On this day, Diapura also commemorates the fact that she was officially founded eleven years ago. While dialysis patients usually do not have it easy, the corona crisis has made things even more difficult. The patients do adhere to the rules, but because of COVID-19 they now have to be screened before they can enter the dialysis center. “We are doing our best and the patients are doing their best too. But it is not easy ”, Pinas acknowledges.

High costs
The dialysis process costs a lot of money, says the doctor Roy Mohan when asked, about SRD 1,100 each time without additional medication. Often enough, patients have to dialyze one to three times a week and don’t have a lot of that money for dialysis treatment. “We now have slightly more than 800 dialysis patients, so you can verify: if a patient has to pay SRD 1,100 at a time, then you have 52 weeks in a year times three times that SRD 1,100.”


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