Jamaica: ‘Tan A Yu Yard’ nine-night for Bunny Wailer

Fans of reggae star Bunny Wailer have been asked to participate in a virtual candle light vigil to celebrate the life of the legendary music icon during a special ‘Tan A Yu Yard’ nine-night on Thursday.

“It’s a prayer for Bunny Wailer’s peaceful ascension. We are asking all and sundry to light a white candle, it could be a tea light candle or any white candle of your choosing and pray for Jah B as he traverses to higher ascension into the unknowable world,” Carl Livington, Jah B’s older brother told Loop News

“He is now in conscious form and radiating a peaceful light free from the denseness of human form. So with this transformation, we assist in his travel with our own light and prayers. May he be received well. As Above So Below.”

In the meantime, Bunny Wailer’s fans can take pics and tag it to the Bunny Wailer IG page #bunnywailerarchives or Facebook page: Neville Livingston on Thursday to help create an interactive experience.

“Fans can also beat drums and pot covers and play their favorite Bunny Wailer songs during the virtual nine-night. We will post the videos on his Facebook and IG pages,” entertainment executive and Bunny Wailer’s manager/business partner Maxine Stowe said. 


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