Here’s how you’ll shop in 2030

If you’re worried about the planet, clothes shopping can feel like navigating a minefield. There are so many things to worry about when buying a T-shirt—from the carbon emissions to the wastewater generated during its manufacturing. But imagine a world where fashion labels cleaned up their act and the industry actually made the planet greener?

That’s the premise of a new report from Bain and Positive Luxury, a company that offers sustainability certifications to brands. The report explores the many initiatives brands are currently working on to become more eco-friendly and considers what the world would be like in 2030 if these became norms. At a time when many consumers are just beginning to reckon with the fashion industry’s devastating impact on the planet, the report offers a hopeful glimpse into the future—if the industry makes some changes.


So how might your closet look a decade from now? For one thing, it will be a lot less packed. You’ll have a few favorite items that you’ll return to again and again. But you’ll likely rent evening wear or super fashion-forward outfits. And anything you don’t love in your wardrobe, you’ll just sell back to the brand, which will resell it to another customer.


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