Dominican Republic: Government reveals how it faces “runaway” food prices

In a meeting with media directors, the Minister of Industry and Commerce and Mipymes (Víctor-Ito-Bisonó) presented a report of prices compiled in various commercial establishments, where a vast difference in prices of primary products is observed between supermarkets themselves and between these and the markets.

To give an example of this disbandment, the price of a pound of onions in supermarkets shows a dispersion of RD$51, with prices ranging from RD$32.4 per pound to RD$79 in the 12 largest supermarkets in the country.

This is regardless of the increase in oil, fuel, and maritime freight price, worldwide.

In the case of the price of chili peppers, the difference detected is RD$15 between supermarkets and RD$11.7 in the markets, while for bananas, it is RD$9 per pound in the markets RD$6.5 in the supermarkets. There is a 19% dispersion in supermarkets prices with the potato pound varied from RD$26 to RD$45 per pound during the first week of March.


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