You’d never know this modern bathroom was designed for the elderly

There’s nothing wrong with the plastic benches and extra handrails that fill the bathrooms of older adults; such tools are vital for someone’s safety when balancing in a slippery environment. But with all the effort people put into designing their bathrooms, it would be nice if accessibility could simply blend in—so that your home feels more like a home than a doctor’s office.

A new concept from Shiro Studio imagines just this: It’s a collection of bathroom accessories to make taking a shower or bath safer, but instead of having that hospital aesthetic, they’re modeled in sleek black and white forms to appear downright modernist.

“The overall design is quite calm and serene,” says Andrea Morgante, founder of Shiro Studio. “The strategy was to reinterpret some existing accessories and redesign them with the aim to increase not only the functional qualities but mostly to create contemporary pieces that would break away from the cold, medical looking aesthetics. . . . We wanted each user to be proud to own these accessories in their bathrooms.”

The project was born from a cane that Morgante designed in 2017. It was a streamlined, black remake of a traditional walking stick. U.K. nonprofit Versus Arthritis loved the careful consideration he offered to mobility and commissioned Morgante to bring that same design sensibility to the bathroom for people who have trouble moving their hips and knees.


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