Trinidad & Tobago: Fisherman charged with molesting two 7-year-olds

A DIEGO MARTIN fish­erman and a Port of Spain security guard were both granted bail after appearing before a Port of Spain Magistrate on Monday on sex charges.

The fisherman is charged with assaulting two seven-year-old girls between 2019 and last week while the security guard is charged with assaulting his teen relative.

In the first case, the fisherman, 58, was charged by Western Division Child Protection Unit (CPU) officers on March 7 with the two separate reports.

Police said one seven-year-old girl was at the home of the suspect on March 1 this year when he allegedly touched her.

In the second incident, police were told by another seven-year-old girl that between February 28 and March 5, 2019, she was in the bedroom of her grandmother’s house when the same man touched her.

Investigations carried out by CPU detectives, the Inter-Agency Task Force and Western Division Task Force resulted in the arrest of the suspect who was later charged with the offen­ces.


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