Suriname: The government and NVB management are discussing the transport company

The Management Board and Supervisory Board (SB) of the National Transport Company (NVB), together with the government, have discussed the current state of affairs at the parastatal company. Yesterday, ideas were exchanged about the direction the government wants to take with the transport company. NVB director Fariyal Renfurm and her team have informed the government about the situation they found in the company.

It has been indicated according to which plans the company will continue to be managed during this term of office. President Chan Santokhi has given the management board and the supervisory board to share their thoughts on how the subsidies can be phased out, from object to subject subsidy.

Furthermore, the processes that are maintained and the social aspect of the NVB were also discussed. Director Renfurm speaks of an effective meeting and a consultation moment, as should happen more often. “This is important so that we know which direction we are going, that we are aligned and that the government and the company go together for the development and growth of Suriname,” said the NVB official.

In addition to President Santokhi, Vice President Ronnie Brunswijk, Minister Armand Achaibersing of Finance and Planning and his colleague Albert Jubithana of Transport, Communication and Tourism (TCT) were also present.


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